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Pelvic Floor

Melody Evans is a Clinical Specialist Public Health Physiotherapist.  She talks about the anatomy of the pelvic floor and bladder, how a healthy bladder and pelvic floor work and what can go wrong.  Melody shares treatment tactics and pelvic floor exercise tips. This is for all women, regardless of what age you are or whether or not you have had children.


Recognising Breast Cancer Symptoms

Dr Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont FDA, PhD, the founder of the 'KNOW YOUR LEMONS' Foundation, talks about how to recognise the 12 symptoms of breast cancer.  She talks about ways to check yourself.  This presentation is so empowering and a must watch for everyone!  To learn more about the foundation please click here:

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Balancing hormones through diet

What we eat and how we digest it has a big impact our health and hormones.  This recording shows Jey Nair, a Therapeutic Nutritionist, how we can improve our diet and focuses on supporting our hormones.  To get in touch with Jey, go to:

My Story

I am a wife, mother and educator with a passion 

to help others create a more natural and healthier lifestyle,

using pure, safe and effective essential oils.   

What Our

Customers Say

“I love Louise's classes.  They are informative and fun and I enjoy being a part of the doTERRA community.  I learn something new each time I go and the classes help me to feel really confident in using essential oils.”

Rosie Adams

Work with me

Are you a health professional or a mother who wants to work from home?  Do you have a passion to help others lead a more natural lifestyle?  Then please get in touch to learn

how you can share doTERRA, the most tested and trusted essential oils in the world. 

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