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Please print off this sheet and keep it with your oils.  'I have my oils, now what!'  Contains 50 recipes.

Product Guide

Have a look at the many wonderful products doTERRA have to benefit our health and wellness.

Price List

This price list will help you know the cost of all of doTERRA's products in the product guide.

Usage Guide

How many drops of essential oils should you use internally, aromatically and topically?

Customer Support

Best Book

Oil Magic is a fantastic resource book to help you know which products to use to create a healthy lifestyle.

How to order

Choose one off orders or join our monthly Loyalty Reward Programme to get free products

Community Group

How do you use the support group on Facebook?

Top 13 Oils

Fact filled pdf with ways to use the oils from our most popular enrolment kits

Resources to Help

5ml Roller Bottles

You will need 5 ml roller bottles to make the recipes below.  10% discount has been applied to any order.

Carrier oil

Fractionated coconut oil can be bought from your doTERRA online shop website.  


This pump will make it a lot easier to add the Fractionated Coconut oil to the roller bottles .


Choose from a variety of bags and cases to put your oils and roller bottles in.

General Guidance 

1. Choose your recipe from the list below  2. Get your 5mL roller bottle  3. Add the appropriate essential oil drops  4. Fill the bottle with doTERRA's Fractionated Coconut Oil and put the stopper and lid on  5. Label your bottle with the cap labels from your doTERRA online SHOP - 50p  6. Store roller bottle in a cool, dark place or your handbag, bedroom, wherever you need it.  ENJOY!   


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