Doterra BLOG:

DIRECTIONS: LLV - take 1 of each for 2 days after breakfast or lunch. Then increase to 2 of each after breakfast or lunch. Over time you can increase to the full dose of 4 of each a day per the box instructions and split the dose up to 2 of each after breakfast or lunch and 2 of each after supper. Take daily.


DEEP BLUE PILLs - for pain

Take one AM AND PM (not on empty stomach) or as needed. Take Daily for relief of minor pain.

PB ASSIST - Probiotic for optimum good bacteria for your gut. Take Daily, ideally at bedtime.

TERRAZYME - Helps you digest food better and absorb nutrients better for optimum gut health - super important for anyone with any skin conditions at all. Take daily with food.

GX ASSIST - gut cleanser - clears out the bad to make way for the good. Don't take PB assist at the same time, take this then add PB assist back in. Take for no more than ten days. Start very slow with this one. 1 a day for ten days the first time you take it. It's good to take once a quarter. If you have auto-immune, it's good to take for 10 days out of each month. It cleans out your gut. Mildly. Always take with food.

ONGUARD SOFTGELS - For immunity. You can take daily but best to save these for when I need additional immunity boost like travel, when others are sick around me or at the first sign of feeling run down.

DIGESTZEN SOFTGELS - For Digestive anything. Can be taken daily or as needed.

ZENDOCRINE SOFTGELS - For all organ support, healthy cholesterol, healthy thyroid, healthy hormones. Do not take after 3 pm - may give you energy. Can be taken daily.

SERENITY SOFTGELS - One to two 30 minutes before bed for sleep or daytime for focus and calming. Can be taken daily.

BEADLETS - each beadlet is a third of an oil drop. You can take as many as you like as often as you like. 1-2 am and 1-2 pm for example. Onguard for immunity and Peppermint for digestive support or to improve bad breath! Can be taken daily.

TRIEASE - take 1 am/pm with breakfast and dinner. Take no later than dinner, the peppermint in it may keep you awake. You can take up to 3-4 daily if needed.

LLV Lifelong Vitality Vitamin Pack is for EVERYTHING!

*General Wellness & Vitality

*Antioxidant & DNA Protection

*Energy Metabolism

*Bone Health

*Immune Function

*Stress Management

*Cardiovascular Health

*Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails

*Eye, Brain, Nervous System

*Liver Function & Digestive Health

*Lung & Respiratory Health

*Gentle on your stomach

*Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free