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Everyone loves using their diffuser! It will become one of your most favourite things in the home. Diffusing essential oils aromatically is beneficial for affecting mood, killing airborne pathogens, and changing the aroma of a space such as a room, office, or car. Other uses include a targeted approach for relaxing or stimulating the mind.

Open the packaging when your diffuser arrives in the post. If you have ordered the Petal Diffuser, you will find the plug wrapped inside the diffuser. The basic principle is that you fill up your diffuser with cold water until it reaches the red dot level. Then add oils of your choice. Generally 3 - 4 drops will be enough. In a child's room, you only need to use 1 drop of an essential oil in the diffuser. If you don't have a good sense of smell or want to use the diffuser in a larger room, then put more drops in. You can diffuse all the oils except Deep Blue (Soothing Blend) which is only used topically. You can use just one oil in the diffuser or mix it with another oil/s of your choice.

Should it be accidentally knocked over, it will not scold anyone as it has cold water inside. There will be different settings on the front of the diffuser so that you can time how long you want it to be on for. It will turn off safely by itself so if you are using it to help improve your sleep, you can leave it on during the night. If you have excess water in your diffuser when you turn it off, you can either use the same water the following day or rinse out the diffuser and add new water/oils.

The new Lumo diffuser is the most powerful one so expect to see more mist coming out of the diffuser. I love how it changes colour!

You can find car diffusers, necklace and bracelet diffusers online. You add a few drops of your essential oil to the felt pad inside the diffuser necklace and enjoy smelling the aroma during the day. You add an oil drop to the lava bead in the bracelet diffuser.

Your diffusers will last longer if you look after them. If they are not cleaned regularly, on a monthly basis, the essential oils or any left over water can corrode and ruin your diffuser and can also negatively affect your aromatic experience. Here is some guidance to help.

How to Deep-Clean an Ultrasonic Diffuser (for Aroma Lite, Lotus, Lumo, or Petal diffusers)

- Turn off your diffuser.

- Fill the water reservoir halfway to the line with clean water.

- Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar to the water reservoir.

- Turn it on and let run for 3-5 minutes, allowing the vinegar to disperse throughout.

- Drain the water reservoir completely.

- Dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and wipe down the edges of the water reservoir as well as the ultrasonic mist chip.

- Rinse the water reservoir with clean water.

- Wipe the reservoir with a dry cloth and let air dry before using it again.

- If you have any problem with your diffuser them please call customer services and they will be happy to replace it.

- Standard diffuser recipes run roughly:

500ml 15 - 20 drops total

300ml 10 - 15 drops total

100ml 3 - 6 drops total

- Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to uplift/calm your mood and help dispel germs in the environment, as well as transform smelly teenage bedrooms!

- You can add more or less depending on your sense of smell or on the potency of the oil you're using. Lemongrass for example if a very strong smelling oil so you can use less. Start with the smaller number of drops and add more if you prefer.

- Diffuser recipes:

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