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doTERRA creates their own specific oil blends and gives them a blend name. When this blend appears in the resource books, however, it has to have a generic name. This can be quite confusing! 'Serenity' is a blend created by doTERRA specifically to help with sleep. In the resource books and apps it is called the 'Restful Blend'.

Even though doTERRA's oils can be used in different ways, due to European standards, you can only have one way of using the oil printed on the label. For example, on our Lemon essential oil bottle, you will see 'For food flavouring'. This means you can use it internally. But you can also use it on the skin and in the diffuser.

Please print out this form and keep it with your essential oil resource books. You can use it as a quick guide to help you see which oil is being referred to in the book.

If I was looking up the ailment 'Headaches' in the book, it would suggest the 'Soothing Blend'. I would then book up the Soothing Blend on this sheet and it would give me the doTERRA name - Deep blue. - this website also had the blend names clearly labelled for us to use.

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