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When will my order arrive?

-Generally between 3-5 working days. The UK warehouse is in Heathrow.

If you have been introduced to doTERRA by Louise Wade then go to:

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- Click 'Join and Save'. Click 'Join doTERRA' (bottom right hand corner)

- Select 'Wholesale Customer' and check 'Accept Terms' box.

doTERRA referral ID, enter 241565.

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- Please do not purchase from Amazon - they are not approved doTERRA products. When you buy directly from doTERRA, the quality of the oils is ensured.

- What does getting a Wholesale Account with doTERRA mean?

You get 25% off your products for the rest of the year

You get your own online shop to purchase products directly from

You get support from the person who introduced you to doTERRA

You get access to all of doTERR's free training and support in helping you use your oils

You get a free oils book with your purchase

You get these amazing products that will have such a wonderful benefit on your health and wellbeing

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