The Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP)

There are several options for you to order from your account:

FIRST, you don't have to order monthly, you can order as often as you want, whenever you want by clicking the "create new one time order button". (Blue box button on your doTERRA shop website)

SECOND, just order at least one thing a month on the Loyalty Reward Programme and get your shipping of £4.80 turned into points which you can use to get free products.

THIRD, order a few things a month on the Loyalty Reward Programme and get extra points back to get free products. This is the most cost effective way and most popular way that customers purchase their products as they implement a healthier lifestyle.

HOW do we do LRP monthly rewards ordering and WHY do we do it?


- Free to join

- Can start and stop it whenever you want to (To cancel your LRP phone Customer Services

- The minimum requirement is to order one thing a month

- You receive free products

- Your postage of £4.80 per order is reimbursed as 4.80 product points which you can use to get free products

- Work your way up to 30% back in reward points

- You are in complete control of what you receive each month

- Every month you get to prioritise your health goals and put Self Care and natural living as you choose products to support your goals

- It arrives on your doorstep

The LRP is explained in this video:

Want to start the Loyalty Reward Programme?

Go to and Login with your ID and Password.

Begin by clicking 'Create New Loyalty Reward Order'.

This is the only time you will do this - afterwards you will always click 'edit'.

You will be asked to choose a date of the month for your order to be processed. Choose a date from the 3rd to the 15th of the month.

You must order one thing each month (doesn't matter how much it costs) to earn the benefits in the LRP programme. Don't cancel your LRP! If you do, you start back at 10% rewards and lose your points! Ideas below on what

to order that are low cost if there is a month where you don't need much.

**FREE OIL OF THE MONTH - Make your ship date on the 3rd of the month to the 15th of the month. This helps you get the free oil of the month from DōTERRA and gets you entered into all the giveaways we have for everyone who orders on or before the 15th.

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