Resource Books

The Essential Life

Wonderful resource book with chapter on health issues as well as lots of recipes for your oils.

Modern Essentials

Excellent starter book with detailed A-Z of how to use your oil and for what ailments.


The Emotions and Essential Oils book shows how essential oils support our emotional health.

Oil Basics

A - Z guide to put in a goodie bag for a new customer.

Roller Bottle Class Resources

5ml Roller Bottles

Great to use for the roller bottle classes.  They come in either a clear or brown glass bottle.

Dymo Label Tape

Labelling tape to use in the Dymo machine to label the roller bottles.

Dymo Machine

The labelling machine

to label the roller bottles in the make and take classes.

Storage Boxes

Ideal for storing your 5 ml roller bottles and oils for your roller bottle classes.